Who is it for?

For New Mothers - up to 6 months after your baby is born


During the first few months after giving birth, new mothers may experience aches, pains and tiredness, and conflicting emotions. Post natal massage can help to ease discomfort and stiffness, aid restful sleep and restore your spirits. It may also help to speed your return to normal following the huge changes brought about during pregnancy.
This gentle, restorative massage focuses on relaxation and pain relief, with particular attention to your problem areas. The massage can be performed in the side-lying position, which many new mothers prefer during the first few weeks after giving birth - and also following a Caesarian birth. Later, you may prefer the more conventional face-down, face-up position, during which your shoulders will be supported by pads; these reduce pressure on your breasts, which can be especially helpful if you are breast-feeding.
You can arrange an at-home massage which is ideal if your baby is a frequent feeder, or book a massage in my practice room if you would prefer a change of scene.