Head massage uses a range of massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate and relax tissues in the head, neck and shoulders. It can be done with or without oil and you may remain clothed. It is usually performed on a chair but you may lie down on the couch if you prefer.

Who is it for?

Head massage can help when you are feeling stressed or unhappy, if you are having difficulty focusing mentally, lack confidence or feel nervous. It's an excellent preparation for interviews, business meetings and important social events, and is ideal if you pressed for time, as even the shorter 15-minute version can be highly effective.
Head massage


Reduces mental stress, relieves tension in the neck and shoulders and balances the emotions. It can also help to clarify thinking and calm the nerves. It can help relieve:

Stiff neck and/or shoulders
Headaches and sinusitis
Poor concentration
Nervous tension
Low self-esteem